Thursday, April 10, 2014

Album Review- "Balkh is a new name too, but no wonder I haven’t heard of them before: this is their first release. Balkh is a duo of Eriijk Ressler and Doriandra Smith and each side has a fifteen-minute piece of music. Quite a curious bunch of loops here, mainly from ‘voice’ sources, maybe taped off the radio, but for all we know this could also be from old vinyl. It doesn’t make a piece of sound poetry, nor radio art, as a narrative of some kind doesn’t seem to be part of it. Maybe, to a certain extend, I was reminded of the earliest experiments carried out by Severed Heads, certainly on the B-side here. The whole thing reminded me of an 80s cassette anyway: made with the easiest means – loops of voices – without many electronics and such like, but the end result was quite captivating, certainly if you had a drink or two this can have a nice hallucinatory effect on the listener. Another winner." Rafa Segura

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